Tangential rolling system B13-VB

Wagner Tangential-Threadrolling System B13VB
Tangential rolling system B13-VB
Weight of tool with rolls 4.5 kg
Weight of adapter approx. 2.0 kg
Max. feed force 4000 N
Standard thread Ø (mm/inch) 3–10 / 0.12–0.375
Fine thread Ø (mm/inch) 3–24 / 0.12–0.9375
Max. thread length (minus 2 x thread pitch) (mm/inch) 17 / 0.67
Example Thread M12
Thread length 16 mm
Material 3.4365
Rolling speed 50 m/min
Spindle speed 1500 r.p.m.
Feed 0.22 mm
Machining time 1.3 sec.
Lubrication Emulsion
Application Parameters
  Please note that this information represents standard values which must be adapted to the individual cases.
Rolling speed 30–80 m/min
Lubrication Emulsion or oil: filtration of the lubricant (<40 µm) can improve the surface quality and the tool life



Required Accessories
- Adapter machine-specific
- Micrometer setting gauge (standard)
- Thread specific gauge (optional)

Micrometer setting gauge